Nearly five years ago, while I was living in Queensland, I met a man named AB – do you remember that mom? ‘Australian Boy’ or AB in code, was Jono, the man that stole my heart one sunny afternoon on Melbourne Cup.

We watched blissful morning sunrises, laughed until we cried and revelled in the fact that we had each other for keeps. We travelled Asia, moved to Perth and eventually called the Canadian rockies, ‘home’.

In October 2013, ‘Barefoot and Blonde’ was born on a grassy hillside slope of Lake Louise. I had always been the creative type, crafting my own t-shirts, cutting my hair or bedazzling anything in my path, but this time, the revelation was different. My mind started to explode with the idea of design mingling with faith, passion and gratitude for others.

How could I possibly incorporate the two?

Enter Barefoot and Blonde, my sweet little bohemian inspired label of love. Sourced jewels, natural stones and beautiful silver inspired by faithful grace and community. My vision is to explore the world of jewellery making and design elements, keeping a centred focus around my values, faith and motivation to develop, assist and engage the lives of those around me. Join me, the best is yet to be.



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