I am ALWAYS thinking. my mind never stops………… it doesn’t matter if it’s about the gorgeous flowers the neighbour is growing, innovation, worldly events, people, photography, my dream home, jewelry, my man, money making ideas….. philosophy, or life. I have a very active mind. 

today, I am proposing this…… think about these, and tell me what you think, because I always like to know your thoughts

as always my darlings, love&light (have a happy friday because it is a stunning fall afternoon and I’m ready for the weekend)

set sail & don’t always play safe. life is about risk, take them (the worst that can happen is you fail, and simply you try again…)

I am such a firm believer….. salt water lifts your heart, opens your soul & frees your mind. spend the day by the waves and you will see..

amen. life to too short not too……….. thankfully, J & and I have been blessed with good eats & wonderful adventures.

respect yourself, stand up for what you believe in (truly) & love people to an unimaginable extent

just because you exist, it doesn’t mean you are really living


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