eat like your grandmother

as I get back in to my fitness routine [ super-duper serious and consistent ] this week….. I am leaving you pretty people with these favourites…

what helps me?

– outside aisle grocery shopping only [ I’m trying to avoid sauces, sugar, packaged goods, ice cream etc… ]
– eating like my grandmother did when she was my age [ what was available to her? surely not all this ridiculous processed food that is to us.. ]
– listening to newly discovered music via triple j on my daily run

tasty AND delicious…. [ thanks for that penny ]

granny smith, low-fat feta, toasted pecans, spinach & a protein (usually chicken or turkey)

looooooove this recipe! it’s brilliant…… quick, check it out here 

a way less guilty version of the typical fried crab cake, these beauties are baked and are about 170 calories each [ look here ]

okay, I know these aren’t totally healthy….. but (there is a but!) these are a much healthier (and totally yummy) alternative available here


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