time changer

behold, new years day……. 2013. a fresh start, new goals, stronger commitment, bigger dreams.

J and I spent the night talking. We talked about the freshness of fallen snow and how it felt riding down the mountain full speed, powder praying up at our face. We talked about endless nights in Lake Louise with some wonderful friends – nights we sat up eating, drinking, laughing, snuggling, eating more (trying to stay away from the Bean, or rushing TO the bean when we lacked energy & drive to muster up something ourselves). We chatted about Slush Cup (how nice was the weather that day?) family visiting us, grocery trips to Calgary, rental cars, road trips to Jasper, Banff and Invermere (The camping trip with Matt, Sar and the boating adventures we took. The sleeping in a giant Teepee that sounded like a cool idea at the time – but sadly, we were wrong. It was wet, and even more wet when we moved our tent from under the Teepee and old mother nature decided to rain overnight). 

Highlights of 2012?

– Fairmont Christmas party, Vegas vacation (so many nights spent trying to pick where to stay, what to do etc), St Patricks, Pub Nights, Beach Party, Laura’s Visit, Jasper Roadtrip, Wildlife, First Bear sighting of the year, Sheep, Bike ride to British Columbia, Lago Trivia, New Roommate Kate, Sunshine grass Tanning, Polar Bear Dip, Canoeing in the lake, Babysitting stories, Hiking with the wolfpac, Carrying a barbecue up to Fairview Mountain, snowboarding, event volunteering, Canada day, The Village bike rides, camping, calgary and the list goes on and on.

The point? We have had one incredible year. We are SO blessed to know each and every person in our lives for you have all given us something – hope, laughter, love, encouragement, friendship, memories. We adore you for that


The goal of 2013? try more. try more than we did in the last year and follow dreams with our whole heart.

In love and light, 

b&b jewelry



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