day two

hi beautiful people……… : )

today is day two of the 89-day fitness challenge I am doing. I figured I would follow suit with a lot of already awesome bloggers out there and write about my progress… (although I am still keeping this page dedicated to my jewelry, style wares and fashion finds too)

starting weight: 162 pounds (I can’t believe I posted this online!)

goal weight: 140 pounds – 22 lbs to go!

yesterday was a cardio & bicep day….. I usually try to do 3 sets of 12 reps for each, varying the weight for each exercise. J and I usually finish our gym session with a little routine of 20 lunges, 20 hammer throws and 25 medicine ball russian twists in a 3-round circuit.

yesterdays consumption…

– breakfast
protein powder: 104 cals
banana: 120 cals
unsweetened almond milk – 30 cals (almond silk)  

– lunch
two small chicken breast: 360 calls (180 each)
1 c steamed green beans: 45 cals
1 c sliced cucumber (raw, skin on): 40 cals
seasoning spice: roughly 20 cals
tortilla soup (from sweetsmoke in Oakville) 85 cals (no cheese, no cilantro mexicana sauce garnish): 80 cals
pancetta: (I snuck a piece!): 75 cals

– dinner
young greens salad (pear vin. dressing): 150 cals
protein shake (as above: total 254 calories)

3L water

total calories: 1283


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