For a while there, I disappeared off the face of the (internet blogging) earth and here’s why.

Reason 1 – I’m getting married! I have spent the past few months incredibly excited to walk down the aisle, towards my bestie, lay a big fat smooch on him and call him my husband. A few weeks ago, I was blessed to be flown home (Thanks Mom and Dad) and explore venues, meet photographers, stylists and caterers alike – which, in my opinion, we have pieced together a pretty well-stacked team of creatives, experts and all around rad people.

Reason 2 – Planning! When J and I travelled to Bali back in January, we met with our beautiful team of artisans that will help create the next step for Barefoot and Blonde. We sourced jewels, discussed finishes, engravings and the overall design process and styling roll out. Let me tell you, there is some exciting visions in the works and my heart is bursting to show you. On that note, can I just send a big e-hug to you all? The support, encouragement and little love notes we have received are out-of-this-world cool. x

Reason 3 – My day job. Here’s a sensitive subject – because my ‘day job’ isn’t me. Okay, there are certainly some components I get excited about (client meetings and styling chats) but a whole lot that makes my heart sink a little. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the company, nor the ‘job itself’ – it’s just not one for me. Lately I have been feeling incredibly stressed, which in turn translates to less time spent doing things I adore (see: visiting the Gym, girl chats and future-planning with J). I recently stumbled upon a few blogs (Make Happiness Happen and The Gratitude Project) that are small, simple reminders that we all get caught up in things that make us momentarily “happy” while missing out on the bigger picture (see: Our called purpose). So what is the bigger picture? To find our purpose – what are we here for? Who can we service and assist? For me, it’s to reach others through creative design. So, from this point forward – I’m reaching out to inspire, educate and plant visions of gratitude, grace and faith. Join me, this is one exciting ride!




J has been busy back in the world of university studying while holding down a full time job, that sees him away from me for nearly 50 hours a week.


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