We had a beautiful weekend filled with love, light and friendship. J and I drove to the coast Saturday afternoon to spend time with our friends and their adorable children. We watched football, drew in colouring books, prepared dinner and played cards. In the evening, as the children went to sleep we left eggs, treats and footprints throughout the house in a prelude for the excitement on Easter morning. When we woke, J and I hopped out the door and met his parents, brother, sister-in-law and our beautiful niece and nephew along with a few family friends for breakfast. We had a casual breakfast at the garden centre (I would have never considered this in the past, but hello……flowers…so many gorgeous flowers!). A few family photos and several laughs later, we got in the car to drive home.

Then I sat.


I sat in a moment of beautiful silence and thought, how blessed are we? We have legs to walk, mouths to feed, laughter to shout, jokes to be told, food to be eaten. We are so full of blessing and often (I am completely guilty of this) we forget just how profound and wonderful it really is. Friendships, family and complete strangers. We go on with our daily routines without dwelling in the reality that we are surrounded by so much goodness and grace.

This evening, as I duck out the door to watch Christine Caine, I challenge you. Fill you life with abundant grace. Fill it with blessing, beauty and gratitude for the people in your life, the people yet to join you and the people that have played such a wonderful part in our daily routines.



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