Sometime around 1992….

I was sitting in my bedroom stringing plastic beads together, whistling away while cutting an old white t-shirt and ‘making it prettier’ by adding glued on sequins and a completely unique handmade fringe (enter – the scissors from the kitchen cupboard I wasn’t allowed to use). My heart was full and my spirit big – I was in my happy place, a state of complete and utter bliss.

Fast forward to 2012….

On a bluebird day in Banff, Canada, I sat on a rooftop patio amongst laughter and friendship. Our no doubt lovely conversation playing in the back of my head while my mind wandered, contemplating creating, connection and future plans. Images of delicate sterling silver, natural elements and undiscovered gemstones replayed over and over. When could I start? Where could I go? I was eager. I was excited to transform this fruitful vision into a reality.

Hello 2015…

Barefoot and Blonde has been established for three years and my self-taught depth is forever growing. I’ve connected with gorgeous souls in all four corners of the earth, and I continue to fall in love with jewellery, purpose and community each day. There are big things happening in my mind, and I cannot wait to share them. We’re headed for our best year yet!

Who am I?

I’m a late twenty-something (Believe me, I can’t even believe it at times) that is about to be married to the love of my life. Trust me, he is really wonderful.

My heart dances at the thought of a world styled by industrial, bohemian design and my eyes twinkle each time the word jewellery pops into my head.

I’m torn between the crashing waves of Queensland and the mountains-for-days of Western Canada. I’ve got a crush on textiles and nature, and I am so looking forward to the day when J and I wake up in a shop that is all ours. (It’s filled with his handmade fit outs, my bohemian jewels, sweet candle scents and raw, organic food).

I envision a home with dark, rich wood beams, floor-to-ceiling windows, fresh flowers and a bold kitchen where my husband is cooking something magical. (Don’t worry, he knows this!)

I value my faith more than anything. It is the cornerstone to my label and the very purpose I exist.  I strive to dwell in outreach and community connection, allowing others to lead purposeful years. I believe we are all here with a plan for our lives and I am just too excited to see what unfolds.

I am thankful and we are blessed. Thank you for being apart of this journey.

light, love and grace



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